Thrill Rides

The Freak OutFreak Out

The brightest ride on the Carnival Midway, you cannot miss the FreakOut!  Only the bravest of patrons with the toughest stomachs are able to handle this ride.  Patrons swing and scream over the midway.

Height Requirements: Over 52”


The MatterhornMatterhorn

Spinning at ll.5 RPMs the Matterhorn is a ride that can make anyone’s head spin.  Fly through the Himalayan Mountain themed ride both forwards and backwards.

Height Requirements: Over 48”


Pharoah's FuryPharoah’s Fury

Swing in an Egyptian themed boat.  This ride swings high up into the air as the patrons on the other side of the ride watch you scream your heart out!

Height Requirements: Over 48”


Super ShotSuper Shot

A 90 foot freefall that gets your heart racing and makes your stomach climb up your throat!  Only the strong of heart are able to get through this ride, but don’t be too intimidated.

Height Requirements: Over 42”


1001 Nachts1001 Nachts

Glide along on a magic carpet ride through the air as you fly 60 feet to the top, hope you aren’t afraid of being stopped on the top!  This ride mesmerizes even the toughest and bravest of riders.

Height Requirements: Over 42”